At DeChefMech, we specialize in turning your culinary dreams into reality. Our meticulous planning ensures your commercial kitchen is a model of efficiency, excellence, and safety. From designing layouts that optimize workflow and space utilization to seamlessly integrating cutting-edge equipment, we prioritize functionality without compromising on aesthetics.

Safety and hygiene are at the forefront of our planning, guaranteeing compliance with industry regulations. We infuse creativity into your kitchen’s design, aligning it with your brand’s identity and creating an inviting ambiance. Moreover, we are committed to sustainability, offering eco-friendly solutions for long-term efficiency and cost savings.

Choose DeChefMech to transform your commercial kitchen into a culinary masterpiece that’s both efficient and inspiring. Let’s work together to create a kitchen that elevates your culinary business to new heights.

Our in depth process of planning your commercial kitchen involves:

Studying the menu, regulations & client requirement

Studying the architectural plan and available space

Understanding the equipment requirement

Understanding the plumbing & electrical requirement for equipments & general usage

Understanding storage requirement for all things from ingredients, utensils to cutlery

Planning the layout for maximum utility space and efficient working.

Finalising sizes and fabricating counters for perfect space usage. (We fabricate custom equipments for challenging spaces)

Our master consultants and years of expertise and experience in kitchen designing and planning transcends the generalised approach as we consider all verticals. We ensure your commercial kitchen:
We at De’ Chef Mech strive to always go beyond your expectations. Maximising your performance without compromise always remains our aim. Throughout the process of designing and planning.
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